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In Development

A comic meditation on celebrity and redemption

A booze’n drugs air-rage tantrum by celebrity rock star, VIRGIL, results in him being dumped off an LA to London flight in Winnipeg, where he finds sobriety and redemption in the nick of time.

Roberta was in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

That’s what her family and friends think.

Roberta thinks not.

She was in desperate need to make an exit...

On Tuesday, Roberta finds the door,
in the City of Less.

The Latest

Transit Lounge Poster

....sent Jessica Steen’s agent the script... 22 hours later Jessica replied wanting to know “why are we not shooting”... convinced the producers of ABC’s ‘The Path to 9/11’ to let me shoot part of my film on their sets... bumped into my high school friend Tony DeSousa, producer at AXYZ Visual Effects, gave him the script... asked Panavision for a three camera package for the price of a coffee... thru caution to the wind, grabbed my bag of good karma, and ventured forth...

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The Seeker Movie Poster

... four months in Bucharest, Romania co-directing and shooting the second unit on a feature film for 20th Century Fox and Walden Media called 'The Seeker'... film stars Ian McShane, Christopher Eccleston, Alexander Ludwig, and... one brilliant horse, 1000 snakes, a flock of ravens from the Chech Republic, too much fire, a whole lot of water, and... a great bloody blizzard... full on, all the time...
Still Photo from Transit Lounge

... drove 2,500 miles to the middle of the Arizona desert... set up  an office in Black Canyon City... found the lead actor guarding an  old western town... hired a road grader and built a rest stop...  gathered courage and shot the short feature 'Efram'... film wins  Special Jury Prize, Oberhausen International Short Film Festival...  film wins Special Jury Prize, San Francisco International Film  Festival...